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So far this blog has logged a mind boggling 17000 views! I cant believe my own eyes that this blog has gotten so much attention 🙂 I started it on a whim and though I havent had the chance to give much attention to it for close to a year and more now, it still serves as a rich repo of wonderful status messages.. And a reminder of the my golden college days!

Thanks again for visiting and you are more than welcome to contribute by commenting on the What page..


  1. 17000!! Studness. Why did you stop posting, though?

    • Not really stop posting, atleast voluntarily.. Summer came, time in front of comp reduced, posting reduced and then I never recovered..

  2. … and twitter takes over this job 🙂

  3. Serendipity is searching for a needle in a haystack and finding the farmer’s daughter instead

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